Anonymous said: What's your opinion on this gaby/Peter/Casey thing because personally I think Casey is just a phase for her she thinks she loves him but she's just in love with the fantasy of what she think he is. Even if they get together it won't last as hard as she tries to fight it she is loves Pete and he is in love with her too even tho he broke her heart by breaking up with her out of anger. This whole situation is so fuckin confusing 🙇💁

looks like its lasting

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does anyone still ship millson or

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for season 2:

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For the anon

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Anonymous said: What was it about Chief Boden that made Mills really upset and made them break up? (I think ep 1x22 they have a fight about it?)

uh, I’m not the right person to answer this question because i don’t actually follow other storlylines except mills x dawson’s. I think he had a relationship with his mother, and his dad found out about it before he died (ahahah i am sorry anon, i feel like i’m making this up) and dawson figured that out, or eavesdropped, i don’t even remember anymore, and she didn’t tell mills about it right away, only after some time, and now he’s upset because she kept it a secret for a while.

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